The Eternal Ellora Caves

It was back in 2002 that I last visited this place. The caves retained the same charm even after 12 years. Astonishing and timeless. The Ellora caves are situated on the Aurangabad -Chalisgaon road just 30kms north-west to the city of Aurangabad. These caves were named after the nearest village of Ellora, also called as … Continue reading The Eternal Ellora Caves


Daulatabad Fort – A Historical Hike

As a child I was always attracted towards stories based on a historical backdrop. I was absolutely in love with those tales. History has its own charm. And that takes me to another spectacular historical journey to Daulatabad, originally known as Devagiri, the Hill of Gods. The history of Daulatabad dates back to 12th century … Continue reading Daulatabad Fort – A Historical Hike

The Magical Ajanta Caves – History, Architecture, Art and Beyond

My earnest request to everyone is to visit this place at least once in a lifetime. You will get to see a marvelous human architecture and it will definitely be an experience of a lifetime. I had to convince my husband for long to make this trip happen. And now, he is in love with … Continue reading The Magical Ajanta Caves – History, Architecture, Art and Beyond