The Desert Calling !!


It was 3pm. We were all set for the famous desert safari. Eagerly waiting to be picked up from our hotel apartment lobby. And then came the gleaming white Toyota Land Cruiser. They generally pick up 6 passengers but we were only five and a half! After sitting impatiently and crossing the heavy traffic, it took us more than 45 minutes to finally hit the desert.


Lets begin..

We all had to fasten our seat belts and hold on the hand railing because it’s time for dune bashing! The car takes you on the lofty dunes and at one point of time you would feel that this time it is going to be upside down. Before I could take a breath the driver plunges the car into a depth and then instantly takes it up to the top. I must say that all the drivers are in love with the sand. And they do it so effortlessly, all the time. The bumpy ride is surely going to pump your adrenaline. The oblique golden rays of the fast disappearing sun, infinite desert and the slight chill in the wind will cast a magical spell on you.


Our desert camp

As the sun sets over the dunes we approached our camp. Temperature quickly drops as soon as the sun bid adieu. The seating arrangement on the sand, well decorated center stage, light Arabic music, camels, welcome drinks and the chill in the wind create the perfect ambiance for the evening performances. As night pours over the desert even in the middle of the loud music and the madding crowd, I could feel the eternal silence and vastness of the desert when I looked out of the boundary walls of our camp. After dinner, on our way back home, everybody in the car kept quiet and enjoyed the tranquility of the desert. It was a memorable experience indeed.


Well….you can guess from my expression..!!

Veniza 6

Photo by: Veniza Ferreira Fernandez

Veniza 2

Photo by: Veniza Ferreira Fernandez


The final entertainment of the evening


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