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A warm WELCOME to My Journeys And Much More! I am a proud Bengali. Kolkata is my hometown but currently I am based in Hong Kong.

How it started

Rituparna PictureFor my parents, travelling has always been the top priority during short and long vacations. Be it visiting my maternal grand parents’ house in Jhargram over a long weekend or 2 weeks long trip to South India. They always had time to travel. In late 80’s when internet, emails and mobile phones were totally out of the scene; my father used to visit the State Tourism offices in Kolkata to get information, write letters to make bookings, and stand in long queues in the railway ticket booking counters from 6 in the morning! He loved it. And he still loves travelling.

Thanks to my parents, I got a lot of opportunity to travel in different parts of India. Down the memory lane I can recollect my earliest travel to Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal. If I am not wrong, I was probably 6 years old. We always travelled in groups. Mostly with their friends and family. These trips were fun.

The super excitement prior the journey, planning the trip with my father from the scratch, packing our own bags, eagerly waiting for the train at Howrah Station with full of energy, travelling in Sleeper Class coaches, fighting for the middle berth with my sister, having dinner with “porota and alur dum” (paratha and dum aloo), blowing my own air pillow, eating “deem sheddo” (boiled egg) and jhhalmuri (in my opinion, it can be best described by jhhalmuri only) in breakfast, and writing my travel experiences in my diary – I used to enjoy every bit of it. My mother told me to pen down all that I have seen and felt in a diary after I experienced the first sight of the Kanchenjunga during sunrise from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling. Then, I was 9. I still do the same.

Explore With Me….

This blog is my travel diary. I wish my journeys will inspire you. With time, I have slowly developed a keen interest on taking the right kind of photographs. My journeys inspire me to improvise. Fortunately, I am married to a person who is equally passionate and excited about traveling. He has been an enthusiastic trekker since he was in Class X.

Thus, my journeys never stopped even after marriage and a child. In fact, it got a new dimension. We start planning for our next trip as soon as we come back from one. That’s how it all happened. I hope you enjoy my travel chronicles. Explore with me.


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